Baseball Development

This program has been created for those committed to getting stronger in the pursuit of improved baseball performance. The goal is to help you move better and get stronger, but to do so with the purpose of preparing your body to play the game fast,whether on the mound, at the plate, or in the field.


In this plan you will find three Movement Prep options, two 4-week training blocks, and a list of over 100 exercises that you can do at home. I'm aware that not everyone has a set of bands, a pair of dumbbells, or a suspension trainer just lying around, so every exercise in this program can be done with just your body weight and a loaded up suitcase.


The first page includes information on preparing to train. We’ll call these our warmups or Movement Preps.  A proper warmup serves many purposes. A good one increases your core body temperature while preparing your tissues for the session. It gradually builds from more static to more dynamic movements, training stability where stability is needed and mobility where range of motion is needed.  My hope is that these Movement Prep sessions achieve these goals. 


​I have created 3 different Movement Preps with three different purposes: 


  • The first focuses on stability. If you are extremely mobile, choose this one. It will give you the stability needed to express your mobility. ​

  • The second focuses on mobility. If you are tight, choose this one. It will give you the mobility needed to express your strength.

  • The third combines elements of mobility and stability and is a bit longer. Do this one if you have a few extra minutes or if you don't really know what you should be focusing on.


Move through these warmups before your training sessions. They're designed to take about 8-12 minutes and get you feeling loose, limber, and strong. If you find that one of them gets you primed and ready to go, feel free to implement it before sprint work or skill training as well. 

After the Movement Prep section you will find two 4 week training blocks. Each is designed to deliver a maximal training effect with minimal equipment.  Power is a major focus, and strength work comes in the form of isometrics and as much unilateral training as possible. 


Block 2 is a progression from Block 1, so I recommend beginning with Block 1 and continuing to Block 2.


The last page is a list of over 100 exercises that you can do at home. The training plans incorporate many of these exercises, but not all.  Use this list as a source of inspiration, or for exercise substitution. This list also includes a few how-to's, which you may need in order to make some of the at-home weights this program utilizes. 

To help you out, each exercise in this program is a link to a YouTube video of me demonstrating and explaining the exercise, but if you have any questions, or if you get confused anywhere along the way,  please feel free to reach out at any time.

You can download Baseball Development below 

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