Principles 1.10

"Look at the machine from the higher level."

One of the keys to success is understanding that you are both the director of your world and an actor within it. Most people realize they're an actor, but they fail to realize they're behind the camera as well. They also forget that great supporting actors make great movies.

The most successful people frequently get outside themselves and analyze their lives objectively. They understand their strengths and acknowledge their weaknesses.

There are two courses of action you can take after acknowledging your weaknesses. You can get better or ask for help. In many instances, improvement will be the preferred path, but asking for help is an uncommon practice that all successful people employ.

You're just not going to be good at everything!

While it's likely that you're the best at something on your team or in your company, it's equally likely that you're the worst at something else. It's all about maximizing your strengths and the strengths of those around you to help get the best result possible.

Dalio writes:

"Nobody can do everything well. Would you want to have Einstein on your basketball team?"

It's important to understand when you're Einstein in math class when you're Einstein bringing the ball up the court. To learn this you need to seek out unbiased feedback and closely monitor your successes and failures. Only then can you decide whether you need more acting classes or if it's time to recast the part.


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