Principles 3.1

"Recognize your two barriers."

Two barriers block the path to radical open-mindedness: Ego and Blind Spots.

Ego = pride x fear.

We pride ourselves on being good, and capable, and right. We fear people and information that tell us otherwise. So we fight for the identity tied up in our ideas. This is Ego.

It can be corralled with hard, internal work, but it exists within us all, whether we admit it or not.


Blind Spots are our blind spots

Blind spots are our Blind Spots precisely because they are our blind spots. They include all the things our natural wiring shields us from and all the things we've never considered

For example:

A logical person may never understand how a creative person thinks.

A daydreamer may never understand systematic thinking.

Someone unaffected by a harsh tone of voice may never consider how their tone impacts others.

We need help to overcome our blind spots. We need other people to point them out, and we need to listen to these people.

It's not necessary to become proficient in the things we are currently blind to, but we must find them, acknowledge them, and figure out when we need to ask a teammate for help in tackling them.


It will take significant work to overcome these barriers, but doing so will clear the path to radical open-mindedness.


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