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A book, a quote, a link


I started a newsletter for humans. You’ll get a monthly book recommendation with linked notes, a quote I really like, and directions to something great on the internet.

Why subscribe?

It takes hours to read or listen to a book. Bad quotes abound. The internet’s treasures are hidden among its garbage. With BQL, I do the dirty work for you. I take notes on the books, find powerful quotes, and filter for the best web content. You save hours per month. Subscribe now to get full access to the newsletter and website, and never miss an update.

Who is this guy and what's this all about?

I’m Nat Ballenberg, a pitching coach by trade, who is curious about the world. Some of my favorite things include:

  • Baseball

  • Lifting weights

  • Not sitting down

  • How the human body works

  • Personal development

  • Oatmeal

I’ll be sharing books, quotes, and links about these and many more things in this newsletter. Come be part of a community of people who share our curiosity.

The monthly newsletter will look something like this:

BQL Logo Small.png

A book

Ultralearning by Scott Young - a deep dive into the habits and techniques of great learners.


A quote

"Mastery is always a struggle for balance. How much time do you devote to the craft, and how much to yourself? And can you really do one without the other?"​​​​

-Maria Konnikova (The Biggest Bluff)

A link

This is my blog.

Did you like it? Subscribe now to get the next issue! And while you're at it, share it with a friend!

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