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Warmup/Movement Prep

A proper warmup serves many purposes. A good one increases your core body temperature while preparing the tissues of your body for the session. It gradually builds from more static to more dynamic movements, training stability where stability is needed and mobility where range of motion is needed.  My hope is that these Movement Prep session achieve these goals. 

I have created 3 different Movement Preps with three different purposes: 


  • The first focuses on stability. If you are extremely mobile, choose this one. It will give you the stability needed to express your mobility. ​

  • The second focuses on mobility. If you are tight, choose this one. It will give you the mobility needed to express your strength.

  • The third combines elements of mobility and stability and is a bit longer. Do this one if you have a few extra minutes or if you don't really know what you should be focusing on.


Feel free to use these warmups before training sessions, lifts, runs, or just to feel good when you get up in the morning. They're designed to take about 8-12 minutes and get you feeling loose, limber, and strong.

Each exercise in these Movement Preps includes a link to a YouTube video of me demonstrating and explaining the movement, but if you have any questions please feel free to reach out at any time.

You can download the Movement Preps below 

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