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Best Things I've Seen (2019 College Baseball Season Edition)

It has been awhile since I've posted one of these lists of the best things I've seen, and in the interim I have seen a lot of interesting stuff. I've accumulated a long list of things worth sharing, but this is the best of the best from January through the end of the College Baseball Season:

  • It's easy to get caught up always trying to do things perfectly, but being perfect is unattainable, and constantly striving for perfection is unsustainable. Instead, strive to be consistently good. A string of good days is how greatness is achieved.

  • The trend of challenging hitters with velocity and stuff via pitching machines is growing, and I suspect the use of more 'live’, competitive batting practice will be next. But is this concept new at all? The Great Bambino and The Iron Horse sure don't look like they're swinging at 60 mph BP heaters in this incredible clip.

  • Driveline is at another level right now, and Anthony Brady and Joe Marsh have been putting out some of the coolest visuals of the pitching delivery I've ever seen. This one talks about the timing of scap load. This thread goes through a test/re-test. These posts look at some constraint drills while this thread compares a low intent throw to a high intent throw. Also, if you want to learn about forward dynamics, check this out. Eric Jagers is also bringing the noise with his mechanics and pitch design posts, including this redesigned slurve and this discussion on sequencing the delivery. And for some longer form stuff, their recent post on laminar flow is fantastic, as is this post on using assessment data to drive programming.

  • Simplifaster is quickly becoming one of my go-to sources for great training information. Recently they posted an article on TMG - a form of muscle contraction measurement device that could have serious use in baseball rehab and development - that details how the tech can be used. The great Zach Decant also contributed an article detailing energy systems development for pitchers.

  • Another source that continues to grow on me is HMMR Media. Check out this piece that takes a new perspective on goal setting.


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