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Best Things I've Seen 9/9/18

It's been awhile, and I've seen a lot of cool stuff, so I've split this post into two sections: Check out longer articles first and finish up with some short, sweet social media posts.



The future of the Texas Rangers depends on a seemingly illogical approach -- but it could also be brilliantly innovative is a behind the scenes look on a program the Rangers have implemented with some of their young arms. It's a unique approach to preparing their young pitchers for the rigors of professional baseball.

High-Intensity Throwing and A New Method of Rehabilitating Baseball Pitchers is a great look on what is wrong with most standard return to throw programs and how they can be changed to create better outcomes for pitchers returning from injury.

Looking at Pitches Through the Batters Eyes is the best thing I've seen on how hitters perceive pitches, and how similar pitches in different locations can look vastly different to a hitter.

Cleveland Has Taken the Fly Ball Revolution to the Next Level is a fantastic fivethirtyeight piece on how the Indians are using data to help train hitters to hit with more power.

Coordinating Movement to Strike a Swinging Ball is an in-depth look at the movement pattern differences between elite and amateur cricketers. I think the takeaways can have an impact on how we train baseball hitters.

Comparing Coaching Philosophies is another great Driveline article. This one details the differences between the way baseball has been coached traditionally and the science-based, motor-learning focused style that will hopefully become the new normal.

Unknown Unknowns: The Problem of Hypocognition is my new everything. If you don't know, now you (don't) know!

Notes Nearing Ninety: Learning to Write Less is a supremely well written piece by an aging author that is just a pleasure to read. Enjoy this one.



Sam Briend is the Lead Floor Trainer at Driveline and a good dude. This post on his Instagram details a few ways to pattern lead leg blocking without thinking about it while trying to throw a baseball. Make sure to read the description.

Adam Grant is a fantastic writer and a great twitter follow. This tweet is among his best and really helped give me a new perspective on the feeling I sometimes get once I accomplish something only to learn how much more there is to learn.

Vala Afshar has a really good, if somewhat over-active twitter account. This post is a really good intro to 20 Cognitive Biases that Negatively Impact Your Decisions.

This tweet is just your everyday, run-of-the-mill color video of Lou Gehrig taking pregame BP before the 1938 World Series.

I think everyone has already seen Alfred Delia's I Hit Dingers intro, but it's special. Enjoy another watch.

I had no idea science looked this cool.

Have a great week!


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