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Best Things I've Seen This Summer

So summer ball is over. Or your internship is done. Or you're finally back home from a summer on the road recruiting. Any way you slice it, there's a decent chance you missed a lot. But fret not, because here are the best things I've come across this summer. I’m keeping it simple this time. No write ups. No explanations. Click if you feel intrigued. And enjoy!

A Better Model For Youth Sports?

Sage Advice From Sage Charlie Munger

A Chain As A Whip As In The Kinetic Chain

Driveline Breaking Down Test/Retest

Sam Briend Breaking Down The Pivot Pick

...And The Elbow Spiral

More Skeletons Pitching

A Mesmerizing Physics Demonstration

Bauer and Kikuchi Talk Cambio

Skeleton Swings From Above

The Knuckle-Split

Vitilla: The DR Baseball Game For All

Elbow Spiral Roller Coaster

The Future of Assessing Coaches

How Jell-O Could Speed Up Injury Recovery

4 Synced Arm Path Views

Becoming a Better Writer

There Will Be Weather Tomorrow

More Elbow Spiral Glory

Individualized Swing Decision Analysis

Syncing Arm into Shoulder Rotation

Preparation's Role in Confidence

Leave Stones Unturned

Echo Effect on a Throw

The Mystery of Super Human Strength

Professional Peak and Decline

Some Very Cool Pre/Rehab

A Really Clever Kid

A Glorious Rant on Science

The Decision Journal

Edgar Martinez and Preparation

The Argument For Fewer Flatgrounds

The Mariners Have Been Reading Ray Dalio

A Really Elastic Throw

Barry Bonds and His Favorite Hitting Drill

A Love Letter Nonpareil

Microdosing, Minimal Effective Dose, and What Athletes Really Need

Max Internal Rotation's Impact on Spin Rate

Greg Maddux's Foot Cat

Creating a Flow State Training Environment

Rhythmic Intent


The Impact of Muscle Damage on Motor Learning

LeBron Sleeps, and So Should You

The Coach as A Placebo

Make More Mistakes

Bauer Talking Lower Half Mechanics

Prove It's Not Opening Day!

AI Learns to Pitch

The Pythagorean Theorem

VR Preparation For Hitters


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