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The Blank Page

Ah, the blank page. No clear thoughts in my head. Nothing to write.

But I write, because I write.

It's like training. Some days gravity seems stronger than 9.8. Some days the baseball weighs a pound. Some days my body is the most clumsy thing on Earth.

But I still train, because I train.

When something is a part of us because we care about it deeply, we do that thing no matter what.

Winning players give all they have every day, because they're competitors.

Writers write. Athletes train. Winners compete.

There is no maybe about it.

So if you want to win, compete.

But remember that competition is not confined to athletics.

Every day during Spring Training, the woman who puts the guacamole on my salad does at least one other thing: She makes sandwiches with tremendous precision and care. I've yet to see her give anything less than her best, because she competes.

Everyone can compete. And everyone should.

Compete to be a better son, a better Mom, a better friend. Compete to throw harder or make a better sandwich.

It really doesn't matter what you compete for. Just pick something and compete to be great at it.

Every day.


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