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A Week In The Woods

My week in the woods might not be your week in the woods. You might need time at the beach, a BBQ with family, or a few days by yourself.

You might not even know what your week in the woods is.

But you have one.

When our lives fall out of balance, each of us needs a way to reset. A CTRL ALT DEL if you will.

And right now, few of us are in balance.

I've never before spent so much time thinking about things I can't control. I have more time than ever but never have been less present.

The ebbs and flows of the day have been replaced with being on call, all the time.

"We now interrupt this conversation with your Mom to bring you news of a bullpen."

I'm scattered. I'm anxious.

I'm looking for reprieve but don't know where to start.

So I'm going to the woods.


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