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On Vulnerability

Here are the facts: It's hard to be yourself. No matter how confident you may be, part of you probably doubts your value. Part of you likely feels unlovable, unlikeable, shameful.

I'm more myself with my wife than with anyone but my oldest, closest friends. But still, the first few years of living together were a challenge. A challenge brought on completely by me and my insecurities. Who would want to be with me when I'm at my weirdest, sometimes insane, sometimes boring, most unguarded self?

It was hard. It still is sometimes. I'm getting better.

And this is me - an open, honest, vulnerable dude - with my wife!!!

Imagine how guarded we feel with our co-workers, bosses, and employees. Especially in a remote-first world. Especially if we're new to a job or organization. Especially if we're an acquired taste who takes time to trust and befriend new people.

This is why vulnerability from leadership is so important. This is why being open and honest plays.

If I'm confused and worried and unsure and just starting to feel comfortable being myself, so must many others.

So lead from wherever you are. Be vulnerable with those around you. Share your insecurities. Admit that you don't know.

It might help someone else do the same, and it might make them feel a little less alone.


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