Best Things I've Seen 12/31/18 (Personal Growth Edition)

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

This is a great time of year to reflect on the Earth's most recent trip around the sun and how we spent our time during the voyage. I will soon be posting some of what I have learned in 2018, but for now enjoy this short list of Personal Growth related links.


Jobs in pro baseball used to go to the good ol’ boys of white American males who played affiliated ball. Now they’re going to the good new boys of white American males who went to good schools and understand data. Luckily MLB has a diversity initiative and this cool organization is helping girls start and stay in baseball.


Everyone has setbacks. It’s how we deal with them that defines us. This article on Super Champion Athletes may be the best thing I’ve read all year.


These principles on leadership can apply to anyone. I also recommend the book Extreme Ownership. I’m working through my notes on it and hope to post them soon, but honestly, just go read it.


So much of what we learn in school happens outside the classroom, and those that pursue interests other than a 4.0 go on to do better than their stressed out, grade hungry classmates. Career success is predicated more on being willing to shake things up than on following the assemblage.

Happy New Year!

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