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Mini Blog 4: An Optimist's View

College baseball has been cancelled. Professional baseball has been postponed.

Also, people are going without paychecks. Lives have been lost. A pandemic has been declared. These are all things that have happened or are happening. The badness - or potential goodness - of them has yet to be decided. As an optimist I see this as a huge opportunity to move the world forward and bring us all closer together. Now is not a time for panic but for thoughtfulness and rationality. It's a chance for the more fortunate to look out for the less fortunate and for ideas from across political aisles to come together in response to this crisis. My hope is that when all this is said and done we will have been given time with our families, learned what is really important in our lives, found the time to pursue a side passion, and become a more understanding and giving species.


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